The Dockyard A. Mostes had its origins in 1913 when Alessandro Mostes, our grand-grandfather, aware of his passion for and skills in the processing of wood, opened in Lezzeno, on Lake Como, our dockyard.
Here a 30m*10m slipway was prepared to build the famous comballo, a typical boat from our area, mainly used to transport goods and people. It can be between 15 and 18 metres long and was made completely by hand using chestnut wood. Other local boats built here were the so called Dinghi (12 feet) and the renowned Lucie, also present in the famous novel The Betrothed by Manzoni.

In 1930

the first wooden ferry was built in the dockyard to be used on the lake between Bellagio and Cadenabbia, equipped with an engine balilla, to carry cars.

In the 1960s

Sandro, our father, started the third generation of our family. Thanks to his passion and far-sightedness, he was the one who started building the first motorboats of mahogany wood, equipped with outboard engines 15/25hp.

At the beginning of the 1970s

Fibreglass appeared as a new material, which marked the beginning of a new experience also at the dockyard A. Mostes, where the challenge was welcomed with enthusiasm, both to catch up with the technological development, which lead to new requests, and to cope with an improvement in the production.

The 1980s

Thanks to Sandro’s passion for speed and motorboats, since the early 1980s the designing and production has been focussed on V bottom race motorboats, equipped with 400 HP engines, internationally appreciated and competitive. This choice was made also considering the remarkable specialization acquired. In the same period another piece of news was the participation of the fourth generation, represented by Massimo and Stefano. Throughout a century of experience, we have come to present days. After renovating our dockyard with the construction of new sheds, we have chosen to prefer a specialized and innovative designing of motorboats between 6.50 and 10.10 m, whose speed, elegance and details are really appreciated by our faithful clients. We think we have gained remarkable experience and skills through the years, which have allowed us to be appreciated both locally and also internationally.

And our hundred-year-old family tradition goes on…