New Venere 255

The new model from dockyard Mostes, based on Alessandro Mostes’ experience in water races, levels up to the traditional quality which characterizes this constructor on Lake Como. The line is a sports and challenging one, based on aerodynamic criteria as the sharpening bow and the enveloping windscreen show, so that the pilot can sit comfortably untouched by air and water. On this model the sunshade can be hidden when not used and the cockpit becomes even more elegant.

Project Info

The inside cabin hosts a comfortable double bed for those who want to relax after a short cruise. The motor equipment can vary either one or two motors, petrol or diesel, which can reach between 45 and 65 knots, coping with more demanding clients. Refined are details and materials used both for internal and external fitting out. Once on board it is love at first sight: there what having and loving a boat means becomes clear.

Length: 7,15 mt (craft)
Width: 2,40 mt
Void weight: 1600 Kg
Oli tank: 190 litri
Water tank: 40 litri
Capability: 8 people
Motor: Mono o Bimotor
Homologation: CE cat. B
Brochure Venere 255 - Cantieri Mostes - Lezzeno Lago di Como ItalyDownload Brochure